Vantage Hill Partners is a consulting firm that works with CEOs and Chief HR Officers worldwide who believe having a high-performing executive team is essential for building a great organisation and marketplace success.




Having a high-performing executive team leads to superior marketplace performance.

Research shows that the quality of team members accounts for 20% of a firms profitability, but that the top team’s effectiveness can have a 400% bigger impact on profits than any one executive can have.

Despite a wealth of talent, a highly proficient executive team with no dysfunctions is rare.

Why? Team members get in the way. Private agendas, fears of speaking openly and directly, protection of functional turf, personal conflicts and poor follow-through are just a few derailers of effective top team performance.

And when the top team is not truly clicking, organisational performance suffers.

We focus on attributes that drive executive team performance.

 We enable top teams to make better decisions, execute strategy more effectively and click as a team. 

 We revitalize the top team and remove dysfunctional behaviours that to often prevent collaborative working.

 As a result there is a greater level of honest conversations, silo thinking is removed, political game playing fades and is replaced by a common team purpose and the team’s best-performance culture cascades down the organisation.

Unlocking an executive team to perform at their best level requires a step-by-step process that team member's feel ownership over.

 The effectiveness of a top team is dependent on how individuals and the team as a whole respond to factors such as:

  1.  the ‘hard’ areas, meaning strategy implementation, business priorities, market stresses, decision making, shareholder expectations and stage of growth of the business, and
  2.  the ‘soft’ areas such as emotional and social intelligence, and the hidden drivers of behavior and team dynamics that are too often ignored, for example personal fears and anxieties that can cause dysfunctional behaviour.

 Many consulting firms shy away from the complex ‘soft’ areas due to lack of relevant psychological knowhow.  Conversely, many psychologists have scant business knowledge and lack credibility with executive teams.

 We tailor our approach to agreed outcomes and metrics for progress, and address both the ‘hard’ and the ‘soft’ areas.  We typically adopt a double task approach, that is, we work on strategic business challenges while at the same time creating healthier team dynamics.  We do this by creating a safe and reflective environment that helps facilitate meaningful conversations.

Who we work with:

 CEOs and Chief HR Officers who bring us in are what we term ‘organisationally savvy’ i.e., they have a highly tuned personal radar that can sense the emotions and dynamics of their top team and their organisation. 

 Clients expect a good ROI from our work.  We work with the executive teams of new CEOs who want to bring the team together behind a common purpose and make things happen, to CEOs with newer team members wanting to ensure they perform to maximum potential in difficult market conditions, and executive teams with clear dysfunctional behaviour that is hampering performance, through to executive teams already performing well, but wanting to up-their-game and be top-tier in their sector.

 We are successful for our clients because:

  • our business knowledge is deep, we have been members of senior teams in big businesses and have MBAs from leading business schools.
  • we have relevant psychological qualifications that allow us to get to the root cause of complex ‘soft’ issues and make desired changes stick.
  • we bring experience gained from our track record of working with diverse challenges at the most senior levels in client firms, from world leading companies through to entrepreneurial firms across all sectors.
  •  we specialise in working with CEOs and executive teams, and this focus further strengthens our capabilities.
  •  research is fundamental to our approach.  It is an ongoing process that helps inform our work.  Our insights have been published by the Harvard Business Review and featured by The Sunday Times, CFO Magazine, Inc. magazine and The Wall Street Journal.

 Our thought leadership:

 Our Harvard Business Review article, What CEOs Are Afraid Of. Read it at this link.

 The Sunday Times newspaper feature article based on our research, Fear And Self-Loathing At The top.  Available here.

 Read our blog articles here.

 Start the conversation:

If you believe a high-performing top team is essential for building a great organisation and marketplace success, we will be happy to have an initial (no obligation) conversation about your challenges and how we might assist. 

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