Vantage Hill Partners is a consulting firm that creates value for CEOs and Chief HR Officers worldwide by resolving the complex 'soft' challenges of leadership certain to deliver 'hard' results essential for marketplace success.


We work with executives, senior leadership teams and organisations that want to "raise the bar" during periods of strength as well as those going through turbulent times.

How we create value for our clients:


We create value by helping our clients achieve transformational results. 

We serve clients in a variety of contexts and situations including:

  • Helping ensure the success of first-time CEOs.
  • Acted as an independent sounding-board to experienced CEOs and improving decision making.
  • Reducing stress and acheiving greater work/life balance.
  • Enhancing and deepening emotional intelligence.
  • Increasing confidence levels, and finding meaning and purpose

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We help senior leadership teams make better decisions and more effectively implement strategy. 

We achieve this by:

  • Significantly improving the levels of trust and honest conversations.
  • Reducing silo thinking and political game-playing.
  • Increasing levels of ownership.

Clients who have benefited from our work range from medium sized firms to global multinationals, across most sectors.

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Proven professional experience creating and leading a cultural change programme across one of the world’s leading banks with 45,000 employees in a time of change and relevant psychological know-how means we create value for clients by elevating company performance by ensuring culture throughout the organization is aligned to strategy and supports other key success factors such as risk management, compliance, reputation and employee engagement.

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This coaching programme enables clients to inspire action through narrative.

Key benefits include:

  • Make your message and facts truly memorable by bringing them to life.
  • Connect on an emotional level.
  • Make the complex simple & increase your creativity.
  • Increase your personal presence.

Contact us to discuss how our storytelling for leaders programme can elevate your communication skills. We pledge success.


Senior leaders and conference audiences want guest speakers who deliver engaging messages that resonate with their objectives and provide practical tools to overcome key business challenges.  This is exactly what Roger Jones delivers.  His conference keynote speeches and seminars generate peer discussion and transform thinking.

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We are able to pledge success for our clients because:

  • Our business knowledge is deep, we have been members of senior teams in big businesses.

  • We have relevant psychological qualifications (INSEAD Masters, Consulting & Coaching for Change) that mean we can work with the hidden drivers of (typically irrational) behaviour, get to the root cause of complex ‘soft’ issues and make desired changes stick.

  • We bring consulting experience gained from our track record of working with diverse challenges at the most senior levels in client firms, from world leading companies through to entrepreneurial firms across all sectors.

  • Our international track record having worked across Europe, Asia, Australasia, the Middle East and the USA brings a cultural richness to our work.

  • We specialise in working with CEOs, top teams and senior leaders.  This focus further strengthens our capabilities.

  • We are realistic, pragmatic and pragmatic in everything we do.

  • We do the work, rather than hand it down to juniors.

  • We develop and challenge ourselves as professionals so our thinking and attitude remains fresh.

  • Research is fundamental to our approach.  It is an on-going process that helps inform our work.  Our insights have been published by the Harvard Business Review and featured by The Sunday Times, CFO Magazine, Inc. magazine and The Wall Street Journal.

 Our thought leadership:

 Our popular Harvard Business Review articles (tap title to read):

“The Family Dynamics We Grew Up with Shape How We Work”: Article explores how behaviours shaped in childhood are played out, for better and worse, in executive teams.

“What CEOs Are Afraid Of”: Understand the private fears that keep CEOs and their reports from working as a top-performing team, and how to address them.

Our INSEAD KNOWLEDGE article "Three Questions To A More Enlightened Business" (tap on title to read) shares how you can start to create a new corporate culture by asking three simple questions and "Storytelling: More Than A Presentation Tool" describes how you can employ leadership storytelling to make a strategy come to life, change culture and more.

 The Sunday Times newspaper feature article based on our research, Fear And Self-Loathing At The TopAvailable here.

 Read our blog articles here.

 Start the conversation:

Whether you are located in our neighbourhood in London, UK or on the other side of the world, if you would like to have an initial conversation, please call +44 20 8878 3429, email: info (at) vantagehillpartners (dot) com or click here.

Top Team Effectiveness

Research proves that a firm’s profitability is highly correlated with how well its senior management team works together. Despite a wealth of talent, a high-performing top team with no room for improvement is rare.

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Executive Coaching

The Vantage Hill Partners executive coaching experience is an investment that generates a significant return on investment in terms of its dramatic impact on performance, and in turn organisational success.

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Conference Keynote Speeches and Seminars

Senior leaders and conference audiences want guest speakers who deliver engaging messages that resonate with their objectives and provide practical tools to overcome key business challenges.

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