The Attributes Of An Effective Executive Team

There are certain fundamental attributes effective executive team possess.  You will find eleven of these listed below.  Are there any of these that deserve a closer review and could potentially be integrated into your executive team's operating practices?

1.  An executive team purpose developed and agreed by the whole team.

2.  Executive team guidelines, developed by the team covering how they communicate with each other and acceptable executive behaviours.

3.  Use of personal storytelling in executive team development programmes. This helps team members gain personal insights into how their colleagues tick.

4.  Actively encouraging all to speak up, likely leading to greater levels of honesty in conversations and better quality decisions being made.

5.  Emotional intelligence being regarded as a key executive attribute.

6.  All evenly contributing to discussions.

7.  Chief executive not being present in all executive team meetings, so their influence does not shape all decisions.

8.  Remuneration structures having the effect of reducing self-interested behaviour.

9.  Having an on-boarding programme for new executive team members so they understand formal and informal work practices, and more quickly build cross-functional working relationships.

10.  A chief executive with a high level of self-awareness and emotional intelligence, in-tune with the dynamics of the team.

11.  A thought through top team effectiveness programme that develops and embeds healthy top team dynamics.  Tailored for the team, this can be deeper initially, through to lighter touch.

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