What's The Smell Of Your Organisation?

This may seem like an odd question, but it's relevant:

The (late) Professor Ghoshal developed what he called his 'springtime' theory while teaching at INSEAD. The theory outlines how revitalising people and organisations has a lot less to do with changing people, but much more to do with changing the 'context' senior managers create in their organisations.  His theory provides refreshing insights into how you view your organisations culture.

Watch this short (8 minutes) YouTube video of the late Professor Ghoshal explaining the theory:

So, reflecting on Professor Ghoshal's theory:

"What is the current 'smell' of your organisation?"

"Is the culture of your organisation open and dynamic or, if you were to be honest with yourself, is it at the other end of the spectrum - bleak, bureaucratic and inwardly focused...or perhaps somewhere in between?"

“What smell do you need in your organisation for it to be a success?”

"And importantly, what as an executive team are you going to do to change the 'smell' your organisations smell?"

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