Proven corporate experience creating and leading a cultural change across one of the world’s leading banks with 45,000 employees in a time of change and relevant psychological know-how means we create value for clients by:

Elevating company performance by ensuring the culture throughout the organization is aligned to strategy... the same time making certain culture supports other key success factors such as risk management, compliance, reputation and employee engagement.

Our approach is successful because we:

  • Work with the hidden drivers of individual and group behavior that drive (and derail) cultural change.
  • Take employees, teams and the organisation on a journey that links in with a client's vision.
  • Know how to engage the typically ignored ‘collective emotions’ within an organization that subtly control behavior and influence an organisations receptivity to change.  Research by Professor Quy Huy of INSEAD shows that 40 per cent of strategy implementations fail due to the collective emotions they generate in the workplace.
  • Understand from our previous corporate experience how culture can ignite (and dampen) performance.

Unlike most consultancy firms we prevent clients falling into the common traps when implementing cultural change such as:

  • Thinking that staff and executives act in a rational manner in times of change.
  • Not harnessing collective emotions to energise collective action.
  • Ignoring how a culture change initiative starts with individuals.
  • Thinking that ‘outside consultants’ should drive the entire process (rather than using the knowledge and wisdom in the client organization to honour the strengths of the existing culture).


We can all think of how unhealthy and dysfunctional cultures have led to scandals such as accounting irregularities; the Libor scandal and others we read about in the financial press.  And recall mergers that have failed due to a clash of cultures:  Daimler and Chrysler; AOL and Time Warner; HP and Compaq, to name just a few.   And when you look at firms we can see how some could thrive if their was a shift in their corporate culture.

The culture on any organization is its most distinctive asset.  It drives success and can trigger failure.

If you would like to understand more about our cultural change work and how it might benefit your company then we would welcome an initial conversation, tap here to contact us.  We serve clients worldwide.