The Vantage Hill Partners executive coaching experience is an investment that generates a significant return on investment in terms of its dramatic impact on performance, and in turn organisational success. 

Our clients:

  • Since 2001 we have served scores of CEOs, executive team members, leaders, partners and entrepreneurs.

  • Client organisations represent FTSE 250, Fortune 100, professional service, family owned and entreprenureal firms representing all major sectors, see our client portfolio.

  • Coaching clients are based worldwide.

  • Around 90 per cent of our executive coaching work is with leaders in international roles.

  • Approximately 50 per cent of coachees are successful female leaders.

  • The majority of our clients are sponsored by their organisation, however we also work with private clients wanting to invest in their future.

We serve clients in a variety of situations and contexts including:

CEO/Chairman relationship

Advising CEO how best to manage executive team dynamics.

Joining the executive team for the first time.

First international leadership role.

Removing the feeling of loneliness at the top.

Whether, when and how to move on as CEO.

Finding meaning and purpose.

Creating a life plan.

Understanding the effect of behaviours/leadership style on culture.

Appreciating what has prevented personal change, and removing blockages.

Bringing their authentic and all their ‘possible selves’ to work.

Unlock creativity.

How to become a great team leader and coach.

Managing relationships with Group Board.

Understanding the subconscious disruptors that affect peer relationships.

Mapping out power dynamics.

Feedback how others see you.

Create a 'to-stop' list to break old disempowering habits.

Making better decisions.

First-time CEO

Advising and helping with career strategy and management, often at critical junctures.

Reducing anxiety from day-to-day business life.

“So what!” Coping when the euphoria of the new role turns to the routine.

Improving impact and effectiveness in executive team meetings.

Enhancing and deepening emotional intelligence.

Better managing relationships with executive team peers.

Doubt that sometimes comes when leaders ask themselves “Do I really want this top job after all?”

Managing and resolving conflicts.

Enhancing executive communication skills.

Preventing self-sabotage that can occur when leaders surpass their own and family’s career expectations.

Influencing without relying on their direct authority.

Improving self-awareness.

Better managing their CEO.

Reassessing career goals and drivers.

Driving transformational change.

Developing great talent.

Moving from being a ‘technical’ leader to an ‘all-round’ executive leader.

Enhancing leadership reputation.

Reinvigorating a client's ‘mojo’.

Getting the organisation engaged with new strategy.

Removing the potential ‘cold turkey’ experience when stepping out of long-term corporate life.

Removing the ‘impostor syndrome’ from newer to highly experienced leaders.

Creating a more consistent and healthy culture.

Improving focus, clarity and energy levels.

Transition from being CEO of £3bn firm to $15bn revenue more complex firm.

Appreciating the organisational emotional impact of strategy implementation.

Entrepreneur planning next funding round.

Deciding whether to stay or move out of a corporate career.

Preparing for first leadership role.

Stopping a leaders unknowing tendency to potentially manage direct reports so they fail.

Shining light on their positive shadow side.

Enhancing confidence.

COO/CFO stepping into CEO role.

During your executive coaching experience we:

  • Create a safe relaxed atmosphere of trust that helps facilitate confidential conversations.

  • Listen deeply with a sense of curiosity.

  • Are independent and pragmatic in everything we do.

  • Act as a sounding board and provide reality checks.

  • Will enable you to listen with your ‘third ear’ to what isn’t being said.

  • Expand your comfort zone so you feel comfortable feeling uncomfortable.

  • Share insights, tools and techniques.

We achieve transformational results that last by:

  • Uncovering with you 'your goals behind your goals'.

  • Helping you see the world differently, and see what you cannot see.

  • Saying what others don't dare to say; we speak the truth.

  • Holding a mirror up and challenging your thinking.

  • Helping you 'think big' in non-linear terms.

  • Removing any immunity to change.

  • Working with clients who are committed to making a step change in their performance to achieve their ambitions.

  • Focusing on being 'on-task' and '100 percent present' for you.

We understand your world and the pressures being leader bring, having previously worked in leadership roles in world leading firms. And importantly, we possess relevant psychological ‘know-how’ that means we create ‘aha’ moments that provide tipping points for permanent change.

Start the conversation:

Whether you are based in our neighbourhood in London, UK or on the other side of the world we welcome hearing from you to arrange an initial conversation. Please contact us on +44 (0)20 8878 3429, email info (at) VantageHillPartners (dot) com or click here.

Client comments:

“I have had the privilege of working with Roger both in IBM and here in Cisco as a supplier of executive coaching engagements to the business. His no nonsense, pragmatic approach is very different to that offered by many other organisations. I have seen him have fantastic results in the interventions with leaders that we have wanted to develop. His approach to assisting leaders is inspiring, original and different. I highly recommend him.”
— Charlie Johnston, Vice President - HR, EMEAR, Cisco
“I have engaged Roger on a number of occasions now over the past 8 years to coach very senior executives. The results of his work are excellent; the individuals benefit greatly and the organisation notices the positive changes in behaviour and increased inspirational qualities of these leaders. He is also a very insightful guy with lots of original ideas and techniques.”
— Ian Morrice, Group Chief Executive, The Warehouse Group (New Zealand)
I first had the opportunity to engage Roger to work with our senior executive team in Asia Pacific. Roger is a talented consultant whose deep subject matter expertise and coaching ability is evidenced by quality of the outcomes he achieves and the global span of his consulting practice. I can unreservedly recommend Roger to any organisation.”
— Alex Lombardi, Vice President – HR, Asia Pacific, Amadeus
“I’ve known Roger a number of years now as a professional coach for senior leaders. Roger’s style is unique. He is totally committed to the individual he takes on, and in every instance has had a really positive impact on the areas he has focussed on with them. Roger stretches himself to experience new things and new activities to enhance his life experience which he brings into his coaching and network interactions. A truly first class executive coach with plenty of edge in his technique and delivery to keep his clients engaged and “wanting” of their next session.”
— Ian Herrett, Trade Director, B & Q plc


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