Created by Roger Jones, author of The Storytelling Pocketbook, this programme will enable you to inspire action by becoming a great storyteller.

The Financial Times and The Sunday Times have featured Roger's Storytelling for Leaders programme.

Roger Jones has guided managers & leaders worldwide to become great storytellers, in firms such as:  Amadeus IT, Anthony Nolan, Apetito, Balfour Beatty, B&Q, Bridgestone, Burson Marsteller, Cisco, Dixons, Eon, FedEx, IBM, Mars, Metcash, Mizuho Corporate Bank, Novartis, OpenWork, QinetiQ, Qualcomm, Reckitt Benckiser, Safaricon,, Sanofi Pasteur, SAP, Shell International, Shelter, State Street, Telstra, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Group, TJX Europe, Vinici Energies and VW Group.

Roger’s Storytelling for Leaders programme is powerful and delivers results. His storytelling process has been the single most important technique our teams have employed in recent years.
— Ian Stone, Sales, Marketing & Development Director, Apetito


Storytelling is the language of great leaders.

And you are just one story away from what you want to achieve.

As a result of the Storytelling for Leaders programme you will feel confident using storytelling as a business tool whether you are a sales person wanting to surpass your targets or a CEO wanting to inspire your workforce & investors with your strategy and implement it effectively.

This programme is for managers and leaders who understand that winning hearts, as well as minds, is the most effective way to enthuse, persuade and motivate their listeners. 

Why Storytelling for Leaders is important:

If you think about it, the majority of business is based on logic. That’s communicating information, facts and intellectual interpretation.

Those who use this logic-driven communication style hope you will understand and accept their message based on the expert knowledge, data, statistics and case studies they use to support their argument.

Not surprisingly, those who use this logic-driven communication style don't always have their message accepted, whether in a one-to-one conversation, meeting or when delivering a conference presentation. And logic-driven leaders tend to have little personal presence and impact.

However, the story is quite different for those who employ heart and mind communication. Their messages are more readily accepted.

They inspire people, have greater gravitas and effortlessly persuade.

They are the storytellers. Storytelling brings knowledge to life.

Great storytellers are invariably great leaders. Inspiring people with their narrative.

Who is the Storytelling for Leaders programme for?

The Storytelling for Leaders programme is designed for:

  • Experienced leaders who want to inspire people and deliver their messages more effectively.
  • New leaders who want to gain this key executive skill.
  • Sales and account executives who want to sell more (research shows that sales people who effectively use storytelling can be up to 3X more successful).
  • Executive teams wanting to implement their strategy.
  • Finance, tech & operations executives who want to be more persuasive.
  • HR executives who want to make change happen.
  • Managers needing to get buy-in for their ideas.
  • Marketing professionals who want to better position your firm and launch new products & services.
  • Small business owners wanting to develop their business.
  • Entrepreneurs and private equity executives wanting to raise funds.
  • You, if you want to speak the language of leadership.

Key benefits of the Storytelling for Leaders programme:

As a result of the programme you and your team will be able to:

  • Move away from dry dull logic and truly engage people.

  • Make your message and facts truly memorable by bringing them to life.

  • Influence and inspire action more effectively.

  • Connect on an emotional level.

  • Inspire people to unleash their discretionary effort.

  • Appear less remote.

  • Be remembered (for the right reasons!).

  • Be more effective in sales situations.

  • Make the complex simple & increase your creativity.

  • Be a more authentic leader.

  • Increase your personal presence and charisma.

In what situations will you be able to use your new storytelling skills?

You will be able to use storytelling in all day-to-day interactions to bring your communications to life.  You will find storytelling particularly helpful when you need to inspire action, persuade, change minds and raise your executive presence at events such as:

Sales meeting - Executive team meetings – Conferences - Product launches - New business pitches - Company results presentatons - Staff and client briefings - Mergers & acquisitions - Investor relations presentations - Funding pitches

What will we explore in your Storytelling for Leaders programme?

The programme will be tailored to your specific needs and will develop your innate storytelling skills.  We will explore:

  • Benefits of storytelling.

  • How leaders & organisations use storytelling to reinforce messages and overcome challenges.

  • Ingredients of a great story.

  • How to be a great storyteller.

  • How to structure an effective story.

  • Types of stories you can use.

  • Where to find stories.

  • Advanced storytelling techniques.

  • Developing your own bank of unique personal stories and organistional stories.

  • How to choose the most effective stories for your message and audience.

  • How to include your stories in sales meeting, executive and conference presentations, and day-to-day business.


Storytelling for Leaders can be delivered as a 1-2-1 coaching programme (coaching can be delivered in person or globally via Webex), in-house 1or 2-day workshop, 2 hour seminar or as an inspiring conference speech. (For client testimonials, scroll to bottom of page)

Coaching, workshops, seminars and speeches can be delivered worldwide.

In the news:

The Storytelling for Leaders programme has been featured by:

The Sunday Times article entitled, "It's the way you tell them" describes how the best way to get a message across in business could be through real life stories.  It also provides tips to improve your storytelling skills.  To read the article tap here - opens PDF.

The Financial Times article entitled, "Fables for board tables" describes how the art of storytelling can help companies persuade and inspire more effectively, and also provides tips on how to tell a story in business.  To read the article tap here - opens PDF.

Thought leadership:

Read Roger's popular INSEAD Knowledge article: Storytelling More Than A Presentation Tool (tap on title, opens PDF)

Roger has sold over 40,000 books internationally and is the author of The Storytelling Pocketbook (tap here to read extract, opens PDF)

The story of the Storytelling for Leaders programme:

The Storytelling for Leaders coaching programme was created by Roger Jones. He is the founder and Chief Executive of Vantage Hill Partners.

In November 1996 when Roger was working for a multinational firm he was asked to deliver his firm's keynote presentation at their industry’s global conferences in Mexico.  He prepared diligently - gathered lots of statistics and graphs, described product features and thought how to tell the audience why his firm was the best...a modest 50 PowerPoint slides for his 20 minute talk.

In no time he was in the bland hotel conference room walking up on stage to deliver his talk.  The audience looked moderately interested.  And as he walked off the stage he felt a little smug thinking he had done a pretty good job.  He even received a warm ripple of applause.

There was then a coffee break, and Roger saw the next speaker, the CEO of a large US firm getting ready to give his talk and thought "there is no way he’s going to be as good as me."

He then walked on stage but didn’t stand at the podium like Roger had, didn’t use any prompt notes like Roger had and didn’t have any PowerPoint slides like Roger had. 

He stood at the front of the stage and told a whole series of stories, with just a few facts sprinkled in here and there.

He told a change management story about how as wayward teenager he had changed after talking to a policeman; when talking about sales growth, he didn’t use graphs but talked about his blossoming garden; when he talked about leadership, he didn’t do the usual and use great generals & leaders from history as examples but instead talked about a teacher and the leadership lessons he gleamed from them.

When he walked off stage - he didn’t receive a warm ripple of applause like Roger - he got standing ovation.  Roger's heart sank as he thought what a poor job he had done as a leader in trying to inspire the audience with his logic.

It was then that Roger realised the power of storytelling in business: how to get your message to ‘stick’ and inspire people to take action.

It was that experience that turned Roger into a storytelling advocate.

As part of his work since forming Vantage Hill Partners, Roger:

  • researched leadership & organisational storytelling
  • wrote the "Storytelling Pocketbook" that shows how stories can be used to engage, persuade and inspire

  • has helped leaders in firms such as B&Q, Cisco, IBM, and The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company become inspiring storytellers

  • studied and researched, from a clinical organisational psychology setting at INSEAD, how we use stories in our lives: the stories we tell ourselves, the stories we collectively create and how stories form a critical part in change.

Roger, a bestselling international author, possess BSc Hons and MSc degrees in science subjects, an MBA degree from Cranfield School of Management, Masters degree from INSEAD in clinical organisational psychology (consulting & coaching for change) and has conducted business in over 40 countries, and lived in 4 countries.


For Roger's Storytelling Pocketbook:

“We don’t always equate corporate CEOs with gifted storytellers, but rather as women and men who have learned the greatest number of facts and can share those facts with employees. What Roger Jones teaches us, however, is that “great leaders are invariably great storytellers”. If you’re looking to sharpen your management skills, be a more effective leader, or simply “achieve results in day-to-day work,” the Storytelling Pocketbook is a must read” “We don’t always equate corporate CEOs with gifted storytellers, but rather as women and men who have learned the greatest number of facts and can share those facts with employees. What Roger Jones teaches us, however, is that “great leaders are invariably great storytellers”. If you’re looking to sharpen your management skills, be a more effective leader, or simply “achieve results in day-to-day work,” the Storytelling Pocketbook is a must read”
— Marshall Goldsmith, million-selling author of the New York Times bestsellers, MOJO and What Got You Here Won't Get You There
“We are in a Participation Economy. A time when stories and conversations are what count. Marketing has changed forever, moving from creating awareness and demand to inviting the audience to join a Movement. And all movements are based on a story. This book will help you become the best storyteller you can be. And it’s fun too! “
— Kevin Roberts, Worldwide CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi
“The art of storytelling has become key to successful leadership and organisation change. Roger Jones’ ‘how to’ pocketbook gives today’s managers the know how to develop the art of story telling to make a real and practical difference to their leadership effectivness”
— Professor Frank Horwitz, Director of the Cranfield School of Management.
“Good stories have impact. This helpful book gives you a practical guide on how to create, shape and deliver yours”
— Rob Goffee, Prof. of Organisational Behaviour, London Business School and author of Why Should Anyone Be Led By You?

About Roger's Storytelling for Leaders seminars & conference speeches:

“I found the seminar to be clear, helpful and most importantly relevant.”
— Simon Levine, Global CEO, DLA Piper
“Excellent, entertaining and edifying!”
— Roz Groome, VP - Anti Piracy & Litigation NBC Universal
“Very enjoyable”
— Sue Boxall, Group HR Director De Beers Group
— Andy Kemp, HR Director, De La Rue
“Thought provoking”
— Duncan Wigney, President E&C International at CB&I (Chicago Bridge & Iron Company.)
“Very well presented. Great examples/stories.”
— Akber Pandor, Head of Partner Development, KPMG Europe

About Roger's Storytelling for Leaders coaching:

“I would recommend him without reservation to any chief executive or board director who takes seriously the need to communicate effectively with investors, customers and employees.”
— Richard Donkin, Financial Times columnist and author of Blood, Sweat & Tears, The Evolution of Work.
“Roger Jones’ approach can enable even the most accomplished business presenter to become more engaging and persuasive.”
— Chairman, UK Retail Bank
“As a result of Roger’s coaching I was voted top speaker at a major U.S. advertising industry conference. I thoroughly recommend him to anyone who wants to make dramatic improvements in their communication abilities.”
— Pat Murphy, Director of Broadcasting, Leo Burnett